Project: Multichain NFT Visor


This project is for people who are not related to technology and want to see their NFTs in a blockchain way in a simple way.


In less than 5 clicks they can see their NFTs, they don't need to connect their wallet.

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Project:  Proof of Help

Platform to keep track of the volunteering/assistance/mentoring impact a person has had on FEVM.

The impact this platform will have is that it will be able to validate the real impact a person is having, to have a real metric outside of centralized services (Twitter Reactions,Youtube Reactions, etc).

Currently, if you delete your social network, you lose track of the support you have given or if you are censored.



Project: EthernalHope

This project originated from many stories that exist of missing persons, from a relative of one of our team member.

In Latin America, the search for missing persons is an arduous task where information is not shared in a transparent or organized way to find the person.

That is why we decided to create a smart contract, where a civil non-governmental organization registers the information of a missing person and registers the clues of his or her wall through NFT.